5x PGI-680XXL CLI-681XXL Ink For Canon PIXMA


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Includes 5 Ink Cartridges

1 x Compatible PGI-680XXL Black Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge

1 x Compatible CLI-681XXL Photo Black Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge

1 x Compatible CLI-681XXL Cyan Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge

1 x Compatible CLI-681XXL Magenta Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge

1 x Compatible CLI-681XXL Yellow Extra High Yield Ink Cartridge

Compatible Model:
Canon PGI680XXL, Canon CLI681XXL, Canon PIXMA TR-7560, Canon PIXMA TS-6160, Canon PIXMA TS-8160, Canon PIXMA TS-8260, Canon PIXMA TS-6160 BK, Canon PIXMA TS-8160 BK, Canon PIXMA TS-8260 BK, Canon PIXMA TS-9160 GY, Canon PGI-680XXL Ink Cartridge, Canon PGI680XXL Ink Cartridge, Canon PGI-680XL Ink Cartridge, Canon CLI-681XXL Ink Cartridge, Canon CLI681XXL Ink Cartridge, Canon CLI-681XL Ink Cartridge, Canon PIXMA HOME OFFICE TR7560, Canon PIXMA HOME OFFICE TR7660, Canon PIXMA HOME OFFICE TR8560, Canon PIXMA HOME OFFICE TR8660, Canon PIXMA HOME TS6160, Canon PIXMA HOME TS6260, Canon PIXMA HOME TS6360, Canon PIXMA HOME TS8160, Canon PIXMA HOME TS8260, Canon PIXMA HOME TS8360, Canon PIXMA HOME TS9160, Canon PIXMA HOME TS9560

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Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm


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